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As most of you probably know, getting things in the mail is one of the biggest joys of my life because I’m a complete saddo, obviously. Well, the other day in the mail I received a shiny new tube of Lime Crime lipstick in the shade ‘My Beautiful Rocket’. You’ll see that I’m wearing it in this picture… How well does it go with my new hair?!

I made sure to wear this lipstick for a few days before writing a review, even though it’s my forth LC lipstick I wanted to be being 100% honest. The picture up there is completely unedited, though my room has fluorescent lighting if that makes a difference to the colour. Generally though, this lipstick is my favourite one yet - it can be played up or down depending on how you want to look; obviously I’m pretty ‘out there’ so it’s nice to have a casual yet quite edgy lip colour to wear along with my boring work clothes.

I know you’ve all heard me say this a million times before, but I cannot stress enough how amazing Lime Crime lipsticks actually are. They smell like chocolate (to my crazy nose at least…), they’re long lasting - I can tell you this for a fact because I wear them on 5-8 hour shifts and they remain true to colour and creamy the whole time, I genuinely believe that they actually moisturise my lips more than Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment (big call, but I mean it!), and I’ve never come across lip colours so vibrant yet sophisticated; what I mean by that is, I know people are staring at how bright my lips are sometimes, but I don’t feel like I’m in the circus, I just feel fabulous ;)

If you have any questions about LC’s makeup, please head over to my ask & I’d love to help you out. But for now, I’m going to go in the bath and read The Communist Manifesto. Because I’m avant-garde like that you see. 

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