Five nice things you can do for yourself today:

  1. Make a home-made sugar scrub. After working for a natural cosmetics company for a while, I decided to learn how to make some of my favourites myself. Mix any type of sugar with coconut oil (vegetable, canola or olive will also work) and a citrus juice of your choosing (lemon or lime is best, fresh or bottled!) to make a thick paste, and scrub desired area. I use this on my face and it makes it feel a m a z i n g, but its best use is as a shaving cream to help get rib of dead skin. Get amongst it!
  2. Make a playlist containing ten of your favourite songs and play it on repeat until you have a big old smile on your dial.
  3. If you have the time today, make a pot of tea instead of just a cup. I don’t know why, but I find that having large quantities of nice hot beverages, especially when accompanied by a good book, tends to lift my mod tenfold.
  4. Call your parents and catch up with their lives. They raised ya, they love ya, they probably miss ya.
  5. & finally, start downloading some of your favourite novels in audiobook format. I fall asleep listening to an audiobook every night, it calms me down, relaxes me & makes me have dreams about house elves.

I know these are very simple, but sometimes it’s the little things that really matter. xo