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I'm Daisy Lola. Being a massive cunt is my gimmick, think about it.

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My friends and I went to an abandoned asylum on Sunday and it was fucking rad; they’d pulled up all of the floors (presumably so hoodrats can’t go in there and write all over the walls) so we had to get around on rotting beams which made everything all the more exciting. 

I would very much like to do more urban exploration in the future because I’m getting very into the vibes of certain places and imagining the history behind them, which I feel is only more valid in abandoned buildings because there’s not much else to get in the way. We heard some footsteps and a tapping sound when we were sitting up on a platform drinking wine, which none of us mentioned until we were in the car driving away. 

Anyway, adventures are rad and I am thoroughly enjoying being back at home with my friends and finding new places to create memories in.

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