Super quick & easy life lessons we could all benefit from paying attention to:

  • Don’t commiserate about lost or broken friendships, because friends are easy as fuck to make and human connection comes to us with a snap of the fingers. Yes, some people are amazing, and it sucks when they’re gone, but sometimes shit is unfixable and that’s okay too. Anyone who walks away can pretty much stay away because you’re too fucking special to be chasing.
  • Girls tend to want to fix broken guys. Guys never want to fix broken girls. Don’t be that typical broken girl.
  • Don’t complain, just change things. If an element of your life is making you unhappy and you just sit there and wallow in that unhappiness than I genuinely think that you deserve it - we have the power to fix and change our circumstances so how about we give ourselves some credit and get on that?
  • You can change things but you can’t change people. Ya just can’t. People can change themselves but you can’t force them to do that, either - so how about instead of wasting time and emotional energy on that bollocks, we just surround ourselves with people we actually like?