A lot of people I know reject tea simply because “It’s for hipsters”, and that’s fine, tea is pretty trendy at the moment… But it is totally one of those things that ya can’t knock until you’ve tried, yo! Seriously, the health benefits of tea are just endless - 

  • It helps make your teeth whiter! Weird but true, if you leave sugar out of your tea then the fluoride it contains can lead to brighter, stronger teeth.
  • It’s full of antioxidants. Duh.
  • It protects against cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and bone disease. No, you’re not going to live to be six hundred if you have a cuppa every once in a while, but its  phytochemicals, coupled with polyphenols and a whole heap of other good shit you can look up for yourself, can certainly increase your life expectancy by up to ten years. No really, Google it.
  • It doesn’t contain calories!!! Unsweetened black, green or jasmine tea has zero calories, and switching a Coke or coffee for a strong cup of tea in the mornings can result in serious weight loss. Not that ya need to lose weight, but if you wanna!

Seriously, tea is fucking awesome & it makes me sad that some people are missing out on it just because a lot of fourteen year old girls are featuring it on their blogs!!! Tea isn’t just like, Earl Grey with too much milk, there are literally thousands of different flavours and most of them have a whole heap of super awesome body benefits for you, so I think you should give it a try - if you’re gonna hate it at least know you hate it, you know?

P.S. The main purpose of this whole post was for me to have an excuse to post pictures of my super awesome teacup. xoxo