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Well for a start, may I just say that your wording is wrong and somewhat oppressive? If a male happens to be born into a female’s body, that does not make them a “girl turning into a boy”, it simply makes them a male trapped inside the wrong body. It’s highly incorrect to refer to trans* people using their ‘birth gender’ because it implies that you don’t take their transition or true identity seriously. Not cool.

I think it’s tragic that people have to go through such pain & hardship in order to become the person they know they are; I wish no-one was born into the wrong body, simply to save the money, the time & the potential heartbreak - but in saying that I’m aware that I can’t change anything and I support trans* people whole heartedly in their journey to becoming the ‘right’ sex/gender.

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  2. mads4yourdoublechin said: i love your point but no need to be so harsh on the “wording” this person said it the way any other person would say it. I honestly don’t think this person meant to be “oppressive” intentionally obv. It’s whatever.
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