7075-4130-deactivated20130412 asked:

debate, heavy mods got love or hate for them?

I have a lot of respect for many people within the heavily modified community, and a lack of respect for others. By that, I mean that from a lot of people I get the impression that they’re only in it for the scene/their partner/the attention/some other ridiculous, invalid reason that I can’t take seriously. Then there are the amazing, strong-willed, passionate individuals whom I have nothing but time for and would love to conduct interviews with later on in my life.

I think it takes an enormous amount of courage to heavily modify one’s body in terms of things like tongue splits, sub dermal implants, heavy scarification, etc, and I will always have respect for those who can do it simply because of the pain factor. Tattoos kill me, there’s no way I could ever do a suspension!

In terms of personal preference, I only ever want tattoos and subtle piercings. I want to be heavily tattooed but heavily modified isn’t for me. I also wouldn’t like it on a partner.