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It wasn’t jon_ftw, right???

No, absolutely not! Jon is my tattoo artist and I consider him a friend, he’s an extremely kind and gentle soul. I’d like to make it very clear that this is not anyone I have been personally tattooed by, nor is it a shop I have ever been tattooed in. If anyone in Brisbane doesn’t know who/where I mean and wants to contact me privately, they are more than welcome. x


A Brisbane tattoo artist just posted a photo on his Instagram account of a tattoo he’s done depicting a naked, dead woman bound with rope and unceremoniously dumped into a bin. There’s an ibis pecking at her vagina and high heels on the ground next to the bin.

I’m talking to a (fellow feminist) friend on Facebook about it and I’m so fucking sad and disappointed. The picture has (had?) over 700 likes on his page and countless people stepping up to defend him/the man who got the tattoo. Part of their line of defence was “He has a girlfriend and daughter, he is a great guy.”

I have a lot to say about this, but I’m not going to make myself a target via social media, especially because I have friends who get tattooed at the parlour/have a personal issue with one of the female artists and do not want this to be seen as a personal vendetta against the shop.

All I will write, simply due to the size of this communication platform, is to please remember that having a romantic partner does not automatically dismiss the possibility that someone is an abuser; the creation of misogynistic art, particularly permanent art that the recipient will display on their bodies for years to come, has a genuine impact on our culture and the way women are perceived; this shit is not funny; this shit is not okay; any decent artist would have canned this idea without a second thought; the parlour does not need to ‘take any work they can get’ as they’re an incredibly ~exclusive~ and well known collection of artists; do not surround yourself with anyone who is okay with anything like this. 

It may seem like a joke, people may claim that it is a joke. It’s not. Female bodies turn up in this state all the time - we only hear about it when the media feels like telling us. This isn’t something to be taken lightly or laughed at.


The notion that Iggy Azalea is a feminist needs to get slam dunked into the trash. Unrepentantly using the n-word and calling herself a slave master isn’t feminist, calling bisexual women ‘fake lesbians’ and masculine women d*kes isn’t feminist but like hey cudos to her for that song pu$$y that’s so like #girlpower

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1. It probably doesn’t matter what you’ll think of that when you’re sixty, and you probably shouldn’t trust anyone who asks those questions because it means they’ve either forgotten their youth or are in the process of wasting it. You’ll probably like death metal just as much when your hair is grey as you do when it’s dyed black; you’ll probably thank yourself for eating whatever you wanted, especially when your body can’t process the good shit any more and you’re having wet dreams about ice cream cones and midnight waffles. When you’re sixty you’re going to be worrying about which grandchildren have birthdays coming up, not whether you have a damn butterfly tattooed on your ass.

2. You are accountable to no-one other than yourself.

3. The above point applies mostly to morals and life choices. You’re still accountable to your bank if you don’t pay off your loans; you’re still accountable to your teachers if you don’t hand in your shit. The great thing about sorting those bits out, though, is that you get to concentrate on being a person you’re really proud of.

4. If your relationship has to be a secret, it’s probably not a relationship.

5. Sleep naked like, all the time. Get to know your body. Don’t bat an eyelid when you wake up under two blankets in the middle of winter with your hand between your legs - they’re your hands and your legs, let ‘em do what feels right.

6. If you live alone/with a lover, walk to the shower naked. Straighten your back. Walk slowly, feel how certain body parts interact with one another. Look at yourself in the hallway mirror and smile; even if you have to force it the first 46 times, the 47th is gonna feel magical.

I haven’t posted any life lessons in a while because I haven’t felt like I’ve known much about anything, let alone that I could help another,

Daisy Lola.