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I'm Daisy Lola. Being a massive cunt is my gimmick, think about it.

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What do you think of Jessie J's decision to announce her bi sexuality was just a faze and now she wants to settle down and find a husband? Is it harmful to the LGBT community?

I have literally no idea who that human being is, but she’s more than entitled to speak openly about her sexuality, surely? I think our romantic and sexual attractions can be very fluid at times & the idea that an individual’s preferences are harmful to an entire community is pretty ridiculous to me. 

Please keep in mind that my opinion comes from a cis chick who likes cis dudes, though. Honestly if anyone would like to disagree with me, that’ll interest me quite a bit.

Please don’t forget to go get yourself an excellent, high-quality deer skull print from my beautiful boyfriend’s Etsy.

Andrew is one of the most talented artists I know, and tbh it is a bit of an outrage that he’s working in retail to pay for his art supplies when, with passion & skills like his, creativity should be his full time job! 

Let’s fuck the idea of Van Gogh & only getting famous/successful once you’re dead - support emerging artists and make your walls look beautiful at the same time.

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Ugh, I went through that 'being a massive cunt' phase at 15/16 and I can't wait til you get over it. It's not something to be proud of.

Nah see here’s the part you’re not getting. Website. Blog. Hundreds of thousands of weekly views. “Gimmick”. The entire point of this website, the entire reason any of you really follow me, is either for mushy poetry, occasional photos of my tits or for the fact that I’m brutally honest and rude. 

There is literally no point in babying people, it is harmful and damaging to allow people to exist within a ridiculous vacuum in which all of their nonsense is justified. Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s valid. The entire reason people ask me for advice is that I’m blunt and I’m not going to fuck around with their feelings. Some people hate the way I deal with their shit, but most message me again within a couple of weeks thanking me for kicking their ass.

You must be new here though. Stick around, you may well learn something.

communistdace said: Wow, way to take someone’s heart break and just be a total cunt about it. Unfollowing.

My website description literally reads, “I’m Daisy Lola. Being a massive cunt is my gimmick, think about it.” 

I have no idea what you were expecting.

hi daisy, sorry to bother you with this, but I'm not well. I was dating this guy for almost 4 months, ans then he started working and stopped having time to talk/go out with me, so we broke up. But i still like him SO much, and it's fucking killing me, because I see a lot of couple who have rough times and they stick together, and I'm starting to feel like i'm not really worth this kind of effort? I'm feeling like shit for the past 2 weeks. what would daisy lola do?

I hate questions like this because you seem really fucking sweet and I don’t want to be mean to you at all, but I have said this over ten times now - your three month relationship isn’t the end of the world. Like yeah, you thought you might have fallen in love with this guy, but ya didn’t. You thought you could have a future together, but ya didn’t. You thought this one would be different, but he wasn’t. It’s only three months out of your life and, as I have said multiple times, you aren’t going to remember what you liked about him in a few months. I can guarantee you that. 

The reason certain couples stick it out through the rough times is because they’re meant to be together. If someone is your life partner then you’re going to tough it out no matter what the fuck happens. If him getting a job means he doesn’t have time for you then guess what? You weren’t the right fit and tbh you’ve dodged a bullet. Go get drunk with your friends and kiss a random dude. That’s literally all you need; this is not a big deal, soz.


This masked lunatic ran at me demanding haloumi @daisylola

"Ohhh Daisy why don’t you post outfits any more?"

Because 95% of the time I look like this.

Hi Daisy, it's my boyfriends birthday soon and I was wondering what you think about when you are trying to decide what to make/buy your significant other on their special day. thanks! :)

Hello! Lemme run through what I got Andrew for his birthday last year - 

  • Socks. Dudes appreciate shit we find really boring - underwear, socks, plain t shirts, they actually think are acceptable (or even great!) gifts because they’re practical and not the type of thing most men think of to buy for themselves. I kept ‘em fun though, they had deers on them I think.
  • Denim dress shirt. Once again, keeping it simple, but I think a dress shirt or an equally mid-range fancy item of clothing is an excellent gift for a guy because they’re probably going to wear it over and over again. Think about what colour jeans your boyfriend wears often & go with that.
  • New skateboard deck. This one is super simple - skating is one of Andrew’s main hobbies/passions and he needs to replace his deck once a month or so. Choose something that fits their needs as well as their wants & you’ll definitely win.
  • (Side note: for Christmas, my mum got Andrew like $50 worth of art supplies, which once again pertains to his hobbies and interests. If your dude collects tattoo flash, get him some. If he’s in business school, get him a leather briefcase. Etc.)
  • Took him out for dinner at a restaurant we both love. We both got to get dressed up and feel fancy, which is always fun.
  • Plane ticket to England. Okay, this one is crazy extravagant, and I understand that I have a way higher disposable income than most, but a holiday is an INCREDIBLE present on so many levels - they get to see a new part of the world, you get to travel together, you get the memories for the rest of your life, and I’m pretty sure you win the Best Partner Ever Award, hahaha.

tldr - When it comes to dudes, go with practical shit. Stuff to hang on their walls. Stuff to play whatever game they’re into with. Stuff for their car. Clothes they wouldn’t think of buying for themselves. Honestly, I reckon women appreciate sentimental, silly gifts but secretly a lot of men will wonder why you bothered spending the money on a trinket. Save the mushy shit for the inside of the card!

Alright, Dais. Enough with the self deprecating flashback posts. We get it. You thought you were pretty fucking cool back then, you think you're even cooler now, and everyone does dumb shit when they're young but you decided to post about your mistakes on the internet so you have a public record of it. Let's go back to witty social commentary! <3

  1. You’re not my friend, do not call me by a nickname you’ve made up in an attempt to sound familiar to me. I don’t like ‘Dais’ from my friends, why would I like it from you?
  2. I do not believe I have made any ~mistakes in my life, to be perfectly honest. Being eighteen, being in love with the idea of love/life, dressing up and going out every night was the best possible thing I could have done at the time. I am so relieved I didn’t start uni right out of high school because I know I’d be looking back now and regretting every second I spent doing the right thing/the socially accepted thing. 
  3. The awesome thing about having a blog is that I get to share my life with people. Regardless of how many followers I have, however, it remains my life to post about as and when I will. You can fuck right off and follow some other tattooed/opinionated/blonde twenty-something please. This one has no time for your attention.

Somewhere out there, lovers are burning Paris to the ground with the friction between their hipbones;
somewhere they’re tearing Vegas up, its essence burrowing so far underneath their fingernails that the experience will soon make up the fabric of their souls.

Some people have lovers to come home to, who hand them cups of coffee in the mornings – three sugars when they need a boost;
some walk to work each morning with the lingering imprint of kisses on their skin, bitemarks that make them feel alive.

But my darling,
Somewhere out there, a man buys too many peaches to take back to the warehouse he lives in alone, knowing he won’t get through them all, hoping he might have a girl to slice them up for by the end of the week;
somewhere he bites his fingernails as he watches ‘Closer’ and promises himself he’ll never fall in love with a girl with pink hair and misplaced stars in her eyes – but that’s only because he hasn’t met you yet;
somewhere, a man who doesn’t remember the last time he wanted to call it ‘making love’, who writes his friends’ addresses down in a book to keep in the closet because he’s always losing his phone, who can read German but his accent is off, who swallows down ‘I love you’ when he calls his mother on a Thursday afternoon and leaves fruit forgotten on his record player,

My darling, he just hasn’t met you yet.

To my darling Dana,

bubblegum princess of my heart,

a little poem for you.


Daisy Lola xo