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I'm Daisy Lola. Being a massive cunt is my gimmick, think about it.

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Somewhere out there, lovers are burning Paris to the ground with the friction between their hipbones;
somewhere they’re tearing Vegas up, its essence burrowing so far underneath their fingernails that the experience will soon make up the fabric of their souls.

Some people have lovers to come home to, who hand them cups of coffee in the mornings – three sugars when they need a boost;
some walk to work each morning with the lingering imprint of kisses on their skin, bitemarks that make them feel alive.

But my darling,
Somewhere out there, a man buys too many peaches to take back to the warehouse he lives in alone, knowing he won’t get through them all, hoping he might have a girl to slice them up for by the end of the week;
somewhere he bites his fingernails as he watches ‘Closer’ and promises himself he’ll never fall in love with a girl with pink hair and misplaced stars in her eyes – but that’s only because he hasn’t met you yet;
somewhere, a man who doesn’t remember the last time he wanted to call it ‘making love’, who writes his friends’ addresses down in a book to keep in the closet because he’s always losing his phone, who can read German but his accent is off, who swallows down ‘I love you’ when he calls his mother on a Thursday afternoon and leaves fruit forgotten on his record player,

My darling, he just hasn’t met you yet.

To my darling Dana,

bubblegum princess of my heart,

a little poem for you.


Daisy Lola xo

Are you a pacifist?

I once slammed a girl’s head into the bar at a club in Byron and I’m pretty sure I broke her nose. This was years ago & I was a moron, but I definitely would not describe myself as a pacifist, I’d probably hit someone if I felt justified to do so.


I finally have my first print for sale. It came out really nicely and I’m really excited to get them to you.

My excellent boyfriend has limited edition prints up for sale, they’re astounding quality & they’re only fifteen bucks, which is rad as hell. It’ll look awesome on your living room wall, or you should buy one for your creepy girlfriend as a present - as a creepy girlfriend myself, I enjoy it a lot. xo


This is before I walked into a wall, broke my toe, made out with my best friend, continued to do shots after I threw up, said something dumb to my manfriend, got propositioned for a threesome, and embarrassed myself in ways I probably don’t even want to think about.

In other news, I just enrolled in classes like History of Medieval Heresy instead of, you know, sensible shit like Introduction to Journalism. Whoops.

Wow, I was so fucking wild when I was eighteen???

Honestly, this was the least of the shit I used to get up to during my gap year, but even something that sounds quite tame to me, knowing the ‘worst’ of it in hindsight, isn’t something I’d ever do these days. Jesus.

when you're anxious or stressed how does your boyfriend react? i've been stressed lately and my boyfriend is aware and doesn't want to talk about it.

Andrew is phenomenal. He is amazing at calming me down, he even deals with panic attacks so well that my brain has started associating his presence/his touch with the end of being stressed - I noticed this when I became fucking hysterical one night a few weeks ago & the only thing that could make me stop was being held. This is a pretty huge thing for me because I hate being touched if I am even the slightest bit upset, I actually get very offended and weird if my friends offer me a hug when I’m crying, etc. In terms of actual strategies, he just asks me what I need, which is usually a glass of water, a quiet tone of voice, and a willingness to listen to me talk through whatever it is that’s freaking me the fuck out.

To be honest with you mate, if your boyfriend doesn’t wanna talk about it then he’s a shithead and you need to assess whether or not he gives a damn about you at all. How could you possibly call someone your partner, yet ignore an entire element of their personality/psyche? He doesn’t have to be perfect straight away, or ever, he doesn’t even have to deal with it well, as long as he tries that’s going to give you a hell of a lot of comfort and security which will work wonders, trust me. Please tell him this - maybe he’s not a crap bag, maybe he’s just scared of saying or doing the wrong thing so he steers clear? Please sit him down and calmly explain to him that you need his support, not for him to fix you, just for him to be there and listen and care. If he can’t do that… Please tip your ice cream on his t shirt for me & strike out on your own.


I wrote an article for this month’s Ampersand magazine! Click through to read it, my little ramble on punk rock is on page 45 and 46. xoxo

I think this may have been my first published piece, before I actually started studying journalism at all?

Follow me on insta for photos of roses, my boyfriend in drag & his attempts to do my eyebrows. Which made me cry with laughter, by the way. @daisylola